Even MORE Good News! On the Trivia Front, That Is…(March 29, 2019)

As some of you already know, I’m excited because I found a trivia team to “partner” with for the upcoming MTL semis/finals in April. This will be the first time this team has qualified for a semifinal game, and they will most likely have their work cut out for them! Fingers crossed I can help get them out of the semifinals – and into the finals. If nothing else, I’ll have an excuse to wear my “Groundhog Day” T-shirt (long story)!

I think it’s kind of…cute – that the team had to “approve” whether I was allowed to play or not! Which means this other team is a Democracy! I’ve joked before that my own trivia team is more like a benevolent dictatorship (with several little warring factions) than a Democracy! The other players on my team pretty much leave tournament staffing completely in my hands. I even had a player graciously step aside for a tournament a couple of years ago when I had a “ringer” offer his services. We wound up winning first place in this tournament – and as a show of good faith – I wound up giving a small cut of the prize money to the player whom had stepped aside (he did help us advance out of semifinals, so it was only fair). Another player whom had attended every game during the season also got a token cut of the prize money. It may not be a full-blown “Democracy” on my team – but I’d like to think that I’m… fair! That’s not to say I haven’t been called a “f—ing asshole” because of my decisions (ugh you can’t please everyone).

For the time being, I’m not attempting to assemble my own teams for trivia tournaments and am honestly unsure whether I want to do that anymore. For now? We’re just having too much fun playing “casual.” I like it, the rest of the players like it – so why not?


So what’s the good news? Sporcle Live is adding a “local” Monday night show! For a few years, Maiz Mexican Cantina served Sporcle Live trivia on Monday nights (from late 2014 to the spring of 2018). Read this blog I wrote for some of my observations on the trivia scene in that bar. Very briefly several years ago, the Wurst Bar also had a Sporcle Live trivia night, but it was canceled almost as soon as it started. Now, the Wurst Bar has a weekly MTL trivia night on Wednesdays, which seems to be doing well. We used to play there Wednesdays, but gave it up a couple of years ago (mainly because they got rid of the “whiskey Wednesday” drink specials). We’re nothing if not a slightly fickle bunch!

Coming soon, Sticks will begin offering a second trivia night at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays in addition to their Thursday trivia nights at 9 p.m. It will be good to have an “alternative” to a couple of things – one, the trivia nights at Powell’s Pub – and two, the dreadful live music nights at the Corner Brewery! This doesn’t mean we won’t be playing at Powell’s anymore – it will just be good to have a choice! One of my players who prefers the Sporcle format over MTL  has said he’d be able to come to some of the Sticks nights.

Speaking of trivia nights, Milan will start offering its second Sporcle Live trivia night Wednesdays at “The Owl.” It appears to be a coffee shop that also serves beer (not a format I particularly care for). Ypsilanti has a similar establishment called “Cultivate,” which is wildly popular – but just a bit too “tame” for my tastes. I want a bar vibe – NOT a coffee shop vibe – when I’m drinking beer. I do like the outdoor beer garden at Cultivate when it’s warm outside, however…

Milan already has had a trivia scene Thursdays at Original Gravity for a few years now, and up until last year, had a MTL trivia night at Fender’s until it was canceled. Long, long ago, The Milan Grill offered Sporcle trivia nights until those were canceled (not even sure if that place is still open). I’d love to see another trivia night do well in Milan, but….I don’t think I’ll be playing at the “coffee shop slash taproom thing.” And not because of all of the hipsters! Well, maybe a little bit because of that 🙂

My trivial pursuits for this week are done. Looking ahead to next week, we’re eyeing two trivia nights – either Monday or Tuesday – and Thursday. Stay tuned to this web site for more details…

On that note? Over ‘n out! TGIF!

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