Some Things To Feel Good About (Finally)!

I know I’ve been a bit of a “Debbie Downer” over the past month. Let’s see, I accidentally ran my cell phone through the washing machine (the phone was not even paid off), I had some “issues” at work to deal with, I mildly sprained my ankle after stepping into a f—ing hole on St. Patrick’s Day, March weather was largely lackluster and…I caught a cold. March just wasn’t my  month!

But…things are looking up! My ankle is probably about 99 percent healed now (I’m almost back to my normal walking speed), I think the worst part of my cold is done with, I’m slaying some of the problems from work and finally…FINALLY – weather is starting to cooperate! I took a walk earlier today and was able to strip down to a short-sleeve T-shirt toward the end of the walk!

On the trivia front, my team won $70 in total prizes during the month of March, so…not TOO shabby! I might have a team to play with in the MTL semis and possibly finals in mid-April (fingers crossed), if not – I’ll at least try to “cover” the proceedings in a “correspondent” capacity! Though if finals are too far away, I’m not going to bother going unless I’m actually playing.


Always look on the bright…side…of life! Sounds better when it’s sung!

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