New Year, New Trivia Plan – Onward 2018, Ho…

What are the ‘Pods going to be up to in 2018? Pssst… we’ll be playing trivia games!  Shocker, right? Read on to find out more! Tonight, we will play our regular My Trivia Live game, and have just one more game after that until this season is done. We are still poised to win a semifinal spot, and will likely finish in second place overall. Which makes us super sad (no, not really)! We had the crappy luck of having poor scoring games for games we were supposed to have been using to sub a score from a missing game! We played in two “replacement” games and had the SAME SHITTY SCORE IN BOTH GAMES! What are the odds?  Yes, karma can be a bitch! We’ll suck it up. There is no crying in trivia!

The new Sporcle Live season, begins next week, so we’ve tentatively come up with a “part time” battle plan. Winter is f—ing cold. Winter can make it difficult to get out to some games. Committing to weekly Sporcle games in the winter months just isn’t going to come to pass! On occasional Thursdays, we will join forces with team Trump 2020 at Sticks in Ypsilanti when they are in need of players. One of Trump 2020’s players, Evan, has been very helpful to our team for the past few months, so we figured it was high time to try returning the favor! Also, Sticks is delightfully close for us to get to even if Ithaqua rears his icy head and decides to slather the roads with his icy snot…or other bodily fluid (let your minds go, people – I won’t judge you) – then watches from afar with delight when people drive too fast/recklessly and wind up marooned in the ditch.


You guys all know that Ithaqua is an ice/snow monster straight outta Lovecraft, right? Holy shit, I think I just saw him skulking around out back! And he’s not even wearing a parka or anything!

Uh, back to trivia… Saturdays [weather/work permitting], we will continue playing at Oscar’s Sports & Grill, since for the time being, we still have Evan, who lives nearby, and can join in on the fun. Joining forces with another team might become part of our new “business model,” at least for the winter season! Come springtime, we WILL be back at it at one of our favorite haunts – Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan. That’s about it for now, we’ll see y’all in our next recap on Thursday afternoon!

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