So There Was a Shooting At My Workplace Today ðŸ˜®

Someone was shot and injured today at a mall in Ann Arbor, MI where I work.

The incident occurred right after my shift ended (at about 3:20 p.m.)

As far as I know, the shooter has already been apprehended.

As I was driving away from work, I saw a police cruiser parked with its lights flashing, then passed by other police cruisers with lights flashing in the opposite lanes on the freeway when I was driving home.

After I got home, a friend messaged me on Facebook to ask if I was at work and if I’d heard about it. Uh, no and nope…

I’m fine. I’m just relieved that I didn’t stay any later than my scheduled shift! Also glad the phone order I made for takeout food in my car before I left didn’t take too long (those nachos were GOOD)!

This is why I’ll never win a lottery prize. I use up all of my luck with things like this!

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