Relaxed! Labor Day Weekend 2020 – πŸ‘

I’m having a very relaxed holiday weekend. I got back from a trip “Up North” (Michigan) two days ago, have one more day off before coming back to work and I’m currently drinking beer and watching “Old School.” I’m feeling mellow!

I’ve had a couple of random non mellow moments…I miss some things I did in 2019 and before March in 2020 that I’m not doing now. I miss restaurants that aren’t drive through. Sometimes I want a meal (not fast food) cooked by someone besides me or my husband. I miss trivia nights. I miss bar seating. I miss a mask-free world. I miss being able to see friends and family without complications. All of this frustrates me from time to time. I know I am not alone in this.

But…I get over it. Is there an end? If so, who knows when that will happen?

I appreciate the blog views I get…I know I haven’t posted as many as I used to. Thanks to all of you for stopping by!

I have some blog ideas I may act upon tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

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