Of All Of The Days To Have To Work Early…😴😣

Daylight Savings time  started today…and of all of the days  for me to have been scheduled  to work at 6 a.m. ugh! Not only does it feel like I was  robbed of an hour  of sleep, but I felt  compelled  to buy  a soda from the vending machine in the vain hope the sugar  and caffeine would sustain me until my shift ended. Uh…those results  are mixed?

Also, the batteries in the wifi ticket printers don’t  hold a charge well anymore   (new batteries  are on order). I used  three different  ticket  printers today. Extreme fatigue  AND technical  difficulties made me quite…cranky.

All of that said, I hope my blog  readers  understand  if I’m  not feeling  very inspired  today! Though  I do like that extra  hour  of daylight coming  later!


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