A Big Thumbs Down To This WeekšŸ‘ŽšŸ˜‘

I’mĀ  not likingĀ  beingĀ  on the earlierĀ  work schedule this week – also dislikingĀ  having to work around my perpetuallyĀ  stressed out supervisor moreĀ  closely this past week…oh the logorrhea (look it up)!

Also, IĀ  haven’tĀ  been gettingĀ  enoughĀ  of a triviaĀ  “fix.” My normal schedule resumes next week and (drum roll) – I have next Friday off! This meansĀ  next Thursday WILLĀ  be set aside for trivia! EitherĀ  the TarantinoĀ  theme nightĀ  in A2 – or possibly a game at Sticks. Or maybeĀ  even a double header -if I can getĀ  someone to start things at Sticks. This all depends on weather, of course.

I’ll be tryingĀ  to schedule a solo outing…soon! ProbablyĀ  the firstĀ  week of February.

That’sĀ  about itĀ  for now!

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