What? Kate And Meghan Don’t Get Along? Fetch Me a Spatula So I Can Scrape Up My Dropped Jaw! ūüėā

I’ve¬† been amused by a magazine cover headline for a few days now – and I’ve¬† been coming up with my own speculative¬† “answers” to the question¬† posed in the headline seen here (please¬† note that I haven’t¬† bothered¬† to read¬† the article since¬† that¬† could mean cluttering my brain with pointless¬† knowledge¬† about¬† the British royal¬† family – especially¬† drama stuff ):



Why Kate  and Meghan  Will Never  Be Friends:

Based partially upon speculation – and partially upon my own life experiences
  • They’re¬† both attractive women of around the same age
  • They’re both royals
  • Meghan¬† is American and as such, Kate¬† will always look down on her
  • Kate¬† is British, and Meghan will always¬† think she is stuck-up – and that Kate thinks she’s better than her (there was a woman from England in my social circle about 15ish years ago or so and the two of us never got along)
  • While I think they genuinely don’t get along, I also think that their “feud” might be a bit…trumped up. Them not getting along makes for some riveting headlines on tabloids – and for some viral posts. Who would want to read about those¬† two being¬† chummy? Everyone loves a cat fight, don’t they? Did anyone else besides me watch “Dynasty” in the 1980s?


Krystle and Alexis’ fights were epic!


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