I’m Home! And I’m Pooped…😴

Some folks decided to have an all-night  bachelor  party in the same campground  we were in last night. The…revelers didn’t  STFU until the cops showed up a SECOND time which was about 4:30 a.m. There was a brief  discussion  about slashing  the tires  of their trailer, but why would we want  to ruin their day? Survey says?

Otherwise, we had  a blast, absolutely  perfect weather and just about the best  camping  neighbors  we’ve  ever had. The parents were urging  their kids to walk around our  campsite  (rather than cutting through it) to respect  our privacy (well played).  Sometimes  it’s  not easy navigating  this world as a child-free couple, too often parents  seem to be sleeping at the wheel with their kids so much that  it’s  no wonder  some of them wind up being  little monsters. I’ve  seen way too many kids running  around unsupervised in public places (especially  bars). But that’s  another  blog topic entirely!

Here are  a few  pics:





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