Cabin Fever Heatin’ Up, Baby!ūüėĀ

I spoke to¬† what¬† sounded¬† like a very friendly¬† male park ranger ar Waterloo¬† Recreation¬† Area just¬† a bit¬† ago. I got the cabin lock combination, confirmed¬† restrooms¬† will be open, learned where¬† firewood can be purchased¬† ¬†(in¬† the park if rangers are on duty, otherwise a “party store”¬† a half mile away sells wood, too).

I read¬† some place¬† that “party store” is a colloquial term kind of unique to Michigan and basically¬† means “convenience¬† joint¬† that sells hooch.” I want to take this moment to thank¬† my lucky stars I live in a state¬† where it’s¬† fairly¬† simple¬† to just go on a “booze run.” Laws regarding¬† the sale of alcohol¬† vary widely from state to state, with some states¬† only selling liquor in “special” stores (called ABC stores in Virginia). You¬† can’t¬† just¬† run¬† into¬† a store in every¬† state and expect to buy¬† a bottle of vodka¬† – or high-proof grain¬† alcohol (which is not easy to find in Michigan). Grain alcohol now has a restraining order¬† against me because¬† of the 2009 “Kentucky Incident” which¬† I will never speak of again¬† ¬†(lol).

Some¬† states¬† even¬† have¬† “wet” and “dry” counties. Plan¬† to camp¬† in¬† Kentucky? Know well in advance¬† where you¬† can buy¬† booze (if not from¬† some hillbilly’s private still). You¬† may have to drive into “the next¬† county over” if you’re¬† in a “dry county.”

It’s¬† always good to have a store nearby¬† when¬† you’re¬† on¬† a camping/cabin trip! You¬† might¬† find¬† yourself too lazy to make¬† morning coffee, might need a bag of ice, might need ginger¬† ale¬† for your hangover¬† and (gasp) you just might…run out¬† of¬† booze!

Can’t have¬† THAT now!

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