I Wish I Was Playing Tonightūüėē

I don’t¬† like¬† working¬† Fridays¬† and¬† am¬† just¬† not¬† ¬†“feeling”¬† watching¬† reruns¬† of¬†Deep¬† Space Nine.¬†I¬† guess¬†¬†Jeopardy¬†¬†will¬† have¬† to¬† be¬† a cheap¬† substitute for a pub¬† trivia¬† game.

But¬† I’d¬† much¬† rather¬† be¬† at a¬† trivia¬† game right now! Even¬† if¬† I’m¬† not¬† feeling¬† all¬† that¬† perky¬† today.

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